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Kamari "Joeka" Lewars-Smith

Videographer, Editor, Founder

It's been almost a decade since I've taken up my first camera, and about 4 years since I've been creating content professionally. It started off with home movies with friends in my backyard to capturing local events, and now I'm traveling the world doing what I love: 

- Gaining experience from freelancing with media houses and production companies,

- Learning from collaborations with industry professionals, and

- Exercising my training from the Media Technology Institute in Kingston, Jamaica.

Nowadays I primarily edit remotely but from time to time I do go out on the field and create content. My favourite, and usually best work comes from when I am involved in the shooting process with the team and then go on to edit the content. These are the projects that I'm most passionate about.

For me, the best part of the video production process is the reactions that the viewers have from the end result. The sparkle in their eye, the laughter, the tears; I love to evoke emotion.

Clients We've Worked With 

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Justin Holland - Co-founder of Summit Social Academy

"Joeka Productions is my go-to company for everything video. Joeka has produced over 20 videos for me in the past 12 months which has resulted in millions of views and 100's of thousands of dollars in revenue"

Diane Hopkins - Co-Founder of Dive Into Yourself Retreats

"Kamari was a fun and enthusiastic videographer to work with and did a great job turning our vision into powerful videos for our business. He came up with great creative ideas for how to best communicate our message and we loved collaborating with him."

Thomas Lauth - CEO of Lauth Investigations International

"Kamari is a great writer, video editor, and photographer that is a joy to work with on projects !"

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