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Stefani Longshamp
Kam Dam Du Lac-2.jpg
Kamari "Joeka" Lewars-Smith

Meet Joeka, the quirky mastermind behind the lens, the nimble fingers on the keyboard, and the wordsmith weaving tales with a touch of whimsy. A video editing virtuoso, a seasoned camera operator, and a writer with words flowing through his veins. Joeka has been conjuring visual magic since his eyes were at his knees. He breathes life into every frame and creates a symphony of sights and sounds that transports audiences to extraordinary worlds.


Joeka is a force to be reckoned with, transforming ordinary moments into cinematic marvels. Get ready to be dazzled by his unparalleled talent and infectious enthusiasm!

Kamari's Projects

Kamari's Projects

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All Categories

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International Champions Twerk: Germany Preselection

Max Reinert
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Kim "Bashy" Köthe

Introducing Kim Bashy, the brilliant creative director with a passion for shaping extraordinary ideas into reality. With a visionary spirit and lightning-quick thinking, Kim is a true master of conceptualization, constantly pushing the boundaries of imagination. Armed with a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence, she fearlessly navigates the intricate realms of creativity, transforming abstract visions into tangible masterpieces.


With every project, Kim seamlessly combines her artistic flair, and innovative thinking to craft captivating experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. Her ability to adapt swiftly and make crucial decisions on the fly is nothing short of remarkable. When Kim takes the helm, prepare to embark on a remarkable journey where exceptional ideas come to life in ways you never thought possible.